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Robyn S.
I highly recommend Premier Concierge Care and their Gerontologist; Ketsia Levasseur. As a mobile audiologist, we have shared patients and I have witnessed first-hand what a caring, knowledgeable, highly skilled professional she is and how trustworthy their company is for anyone in need of their services. She goes above and beyond for her patients with the utmost professionalism!
Dina E.
connor B.
After weeks of ineffective and very frustrating experiences with a hospitalized intellectually disabled family member who is unable to advocate for himself, I contacted Ketsia at Premiere Concierge.ketsia‘s knowledge and experience navigating the health care system and advocating for patient's rights and quality care were invaluable and directly influenced the best outcome.Thank You Ketsia and the Premier Concierge team!

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Learn if you or your loved ones could benefit from our care management services. From getting help after the hospital, to aging-in-place or finding the best nursing home or best assisted living in greater Miami, we provide you with concierge services for a seamless transition.

Worried about an aging loved one?

It’s difficult to know what is serious and what is just a normal part of aging. Download our guide about the warning signs a loved one may need help.

Who will advocate for you in an emergency?

If you suddenly fell, or had a stroke or were in a car accident, how would the Emergency Room staff know your history? Who to call? What your preferences are? Check out our 24/7 On Call Safety Net program.

Strategies for better aging

What is IRMAA?

Have you been told you owe Social Security extra money (IRMAA) for your Medicare coverage? Learn more about this significant but little-known fee and what you can do to reduce it.

Crime proofing your home

Seniors experience property crime thirteen times more often than violent crime. Burglary is the most common. (Interestingly, it typically occurs between noon and 4:00 pm!) The average loss is roughly $3,000, although that does not account for the emotional impact: A profound sense of violation and vulnerability.