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connor B.
After weeks of ineffective and very frustrating experiences with a hospitalized intellectually disabled family member who is unable to advocate for himself, I contacted Ketsia at Premiere Concierge.ketsia‘s knowledge and experience navigating the health care system and advocating for patient's rights and quality care were invaluable and directly influenced the best outcome.Thank You Ketsia and the Premier Concierge team!
Andrew L.
Ketsia is very knowlegeable, kind and helpful. I know she is someone I can count on when finding care for a loved one or if I have any questions she is always willing to make time to answer them.
Lori S.
I needed help navigating the Medicaid application process for a loved one. I felt like it was a daunting task. I kept running up against problems and became frustrated. I called Premier Concierge Care and Ketsia made me feel at ease from the moment I first spoke to her. She basically held my hand through the process and my loved one was finally approved. This is such a relief for our family. It is a comfort to know that as issues arise, I can reach out to her for support.

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Learn if you or your loved ones could benefit from our care management services. From getting help after the hospital, to aging-in-place or finding the best nursing home or best assisted living in greater Miami, we provide you with concierge services for a seamless transition.

Worried about an aging loved one?

It’s difficult to know what is serious and what is just a normal part of aging. Download our guide about the warning signs a loved one may need help.

Who will advocate for you in an emergency?

If you suddenly fell, or had a stroke or were in a car accident, how would the Emergency Room staff know your history? Who to call? What your preferences are? Check out our 24/7 On Call Safety Net program.

Strategies for better aging

Solo aging: Eyes wide open

Aging comes to us all. What makes solo aging different is the need to be more proactive about arranging for help. Twenty-two percent of older adults acknowledge they will need to take care of themselves. (Even if you are partnered now or have children, you are wise to consider the possibility of solo aging because, well, things can change … death, divorce, estrangement. In that light, we are all potential solo agers.)

Getting rid of your stuff

Getting rid of your stuff

Once you get beyond the sentimental value of your belongings, you are still up against the logistics of how to get things out of your nest. Some stuff is easier to pass along to family than other stuff. Options for what’s left over: Sell, donate, or just “get rid of it!”